• Rental management

      Our experience of more than a century of life supports us, and we would like you to enjoy our purpose, which is to offer a professional service and the best human and personalized treatment.

      Then we are pleased to explain to you the services we offer:

  • Rentals

1) If you are the owner

As specialized professionals and having a wide experience in the area, we offer you the advice and the execution of the necessary arrangements to get the maximum performance out of your property.

  • Product Knowledge, analysis of its status and situation, study of the best profitability.
  • Technical procedures: occupancy licences and energy performance certificate.
  • Marketing and publication in different channels of your property adapting our schedules to the customer´s requirements.
  • Preparation of lease contracts.
  • Management of deposits and avalloguers opposite l’Institut Català del Sòl.
  • Rent collection.
  • Special monitoring of defaulters and eviction processing.
  • Timely submission of settlements.
  • Control, implementation of income increases, IPC and legal implications.
  • Recruitment of insurance with study of risks covered.
  • Transfers.
  • Processing and payment of the tax declarations generated by leases (V. A.T. , I. P. R. F. ), as well as other models of finance concerning the sector.
  • Budget management and advice for preservation, maintenance and added value of the property.
  • Free valuation of your property with response in 24 hours.
  • Insurance.

2) If you are the tenant

If you are thinking about moving your home or your business we want to find for you the property that best fits your profile and needs. If you want you may click here to access to our property offer.

  • Removal service.
  • Discussion with the owners.
  • Troubleshooting.
  • Processing of the changes in the ownership of the supplies.
  • Ensure your property.