Our history in detail

Finques Laplana is a small family business by people for people.
We have been offering real estate services for more than a century, but what drives us are human values.
Our choice is responsibility and our service is based on excellence and personalized service. Our differential value is that we are driven by ethical policies and we are characterized by cooperation and the conciliation between duty and care.

At Fincas Laplana we have been passing the baton from generation to generation from 1919 to the present. In these more than 100 years of life, someone has always held the surname Laplana with respect for the work, honoring our lineage within the company.
We praise and appreciate the effort of all the people who have worked in and for Finques Laplana.


  • Foundation

    In 1919 is founded Finques Laplana is founded with Messrs. Josep Laplana as Founding Director and A. Sole as Administrator Manager.

    The first headquarters of the business was installed in the gothic quarter of Barcelona, exactly in Ciutat street no 7.

  • Finques Laplana

  • Founding of the magazine “The Landlord”

    In the year 1926, an informative magazine of the real estate sector called “the Landlord” that could be purchased at the kiosks each month is created.

  • Cover of the magazine in the year 1934


Change of venue

In the early 70’s and with the aim of improving its facilities and the service offered, the transfer of the business became necessary and a centrally located and well connected flat in the Gracia district located in Gran de Gracia street no 7 was chosen.


A new change

In 2004, with the intention of adapting to the needs of the moment and optimize our services, we moved our office to Gran de Gracia Street no 229, First Main floor.

2020 and future
  • Our positivism is reflected in a path towards a new stage of renewal through human values. From knowledge we adhere to this new social paradigm by adding elementary pillars to our operation such as emotional intelligence, content definition, transparency in processes and team management.

    We started a consolidation stage from the reinvention.

    We have new plans and projects in which we hope you will join us. We put our website at your disposal to be one more channel, through which we can get closer to you and make any of our services that may interest you more accessible.

Trust and transparency